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 Having tried many systems over the years we have, from experience settled with a home whitening system.


This process has been tested as the safest and longest lasting method of whitening teeth.




Whitening requires a healthy mouth. Crowns, veneers and white fillings will not whiten but can be replaced  to match whitened teeth. Temporary sensitivity is likely to occur during whitening and may limit how much you can whiten.


Following consultation and acceptance for whitening you will be made custom fit whitening trays to wear at night or during the evenings. The first application is performed in the chair by your dentist and this will show you what to do at home.

The whitening kit will usually last 2 to 3 weeks dependant on quantities used.


Fee £270 




A six monthly to annual top-up will maintain your whiteness and costs only £17.

Just purchase you Top-Up Gel from reception as required.






SmileWelling  | 020 8854 0573 smilewelling@hotmail.co.uk