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Advanced tooth replacement therapy that imitates nature.


Do you wish for replacement teeth that look, feel and act like natural teeth?
Implant dentistry can offer you the ability to smile, talk and eat with confidence.
We provide implants in conjunction with Matthew Smith BDS, MB BS, FDS RCS

Learn more about Matthew at i-tooth.co.uk




Quality of life and self confidence benefits
Dental implants function more like teeth than any other tooth replacement options. Embarrassing loose dentures, metal clasps, unsighlty bridges and impaired eating can be consigned to your past. Caring for implants is also more convenient than for non-implant supported teeth.


Health benefits
Implants slow down or help prevent the resorption of bone where teeth are missing, aiding the preservation of your natural facial contours. Implants, unlike bridges and dentures, will not harm your natural teeth.The ability to chew normally will also aid your nutritional well-being. A greater degree of self confidence will encourage social interaction and psychological well-being. Replacing missing teeth with implants will make your mouth feel younger again. 

As members of the Association of Dental Implantology (ADI) you can be assured of quality dental implant care from our experienced physicians.  Our implant surgeon Dr Matthew Smith attends regular courses on implant care and liaises with the team at SmileWelling to provide a combined cosmetic and implant service.



Full set of upper teeth on 6 implants. Dr Darr and the implant team.


Invest in your future
Dental implants will have a higher initial cost when compared to the alternatives. However, when all the ongoing expenses and time demands of other treatments are taken in to consideration, implants start to become advantageous. Most people would agree that implants are more worth while in the long term.


Are implants for me?
If you are generally healthy, a non-smoker and are prepared to maintain good mouth hygiene, you are very likely to be suitable for implants. You can
arrange a consultation or ask a team member further questions about your particular situation. Please feel free to request a brochure.


The Cost

Our implants are £2100 per tooth with an additional £150 consultation fee. 

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