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A 'balanced diet' is what we all need, not only to maintain a good general health but to preserve and maintain the health of our teeth.


       Here are a few tooth preserving tips ...........


Only have safe snacks between meals such as bread, cheese or fruit.


Don't have sugary or fizzy drinks between meals, stick to milk or water, tea or coffee using an artificial sweetener if preferred.


Chewing sugar free gum increases your flow of saliva which reduces the harmful effects of acid.


Don't forget your 5 a day (fruit or vegetable)


.......... and of course brush at least twice a day, don't allow that sticky substance plaque to build up on your teeth. Plaque is made up of bacteria and it loves sugary stuff, once it has got a grip it produces acid which attacks the teeth and can cause decay. So if you have 'a sweet tooth' it's best to have your sugary sweet foods and drinks at your main mealtimes.

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