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Corona virus

Corona virus
Imapct on our services and how to stay safe



We have now been advised by the NHS to stop all face to face patient contact. We are open able to offer advice, prescriptions and urgent referrals during normal surgery hours.
Please call if you are in need of advice or are in pain.


If you have a severe swelling that is affecting your airway or closing your eye you will need an emergency referral or attend A&E if unable to be seen very quickly.

Patients that have a compromised immune system need to be seen urgently if infection is suspected.

Please call us for advice if unsure

If you have broken a tooth and can control pain with analgesics (pain killers) then we recommend you carry on doing so. You can purchase temporary filling material from most pharmacies and use small quantities to cover the break. It will not last long so use a little at a time. 

If you have an open cavity a very small qauntity of oil of cloves can help if placed in the hole on a ctton bud but please note that oil of cloves can burn your gums so use very little.

Orthodontic patients can find guidance on home care for problems with braces on the British Orthodontic Society website.


We wish all our patients well and hope to be back to normal soon.

Best wishes from the Team at SmileWelling.

SmileWelling  | 020 8854 0573 smilewelling@hotmail.co.uk