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SmileWelling - Specialists in orthodontics




A healthy smile is an investment that lasts a lifetime.Today, more than 25-percent of all orthodontic patients are adults. We offer cost effective metal fixed braces, aesthetic and low visibility white ceramic fixed barces and self ligating Damon braces, either metal or ceramic, which reduce the number of visits required and shorten the duration of treatment. Click here for information on Damon aplliances.



Do I need orthodontics?

Never underestimate the impact of a beautiful smile. Not only is a well aligned smile pleasing to look at, it has health benefits too.

Teeth that are straight are easier to keep clean, promoting oral health. Poor oral health is linked with heart disease, gastrointestinal disease and other conditions. A well balanced smile reduces the risks of 'tension' type headaches, grinding, jaw pains and other strains on related tissues such as neck muscles and spine.

Most important is the sense of confidence that a beautiful smile provides.



So why see us to straighten your teeth? At Smilewelling we are orthodontic specialists, who focus entirely on straightening teeth with braces. We are one of only two local referral practices and align teeth for children sent from local dental practices. We provide a full range of braces for adults and children. Chose from tooth coloured/low visibilty braces and regular metal braces. Please note that metal brackets alone are available as NHS options to those children that qualify for NHS braces. We can readily and quickly correct mild crowding without extraction. 



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